Dragon Quest Walk Cheats|Recommend setup unknown for foreign beginners【Before start adventure…】


About half year passed Dragon Quest Walk(Write below DQW) of smart phone application has been released.

Ryuoh of Dragon Quest 1st appeared and original event was held.

think some persons feel nostalgia,easiness and newness of DQW.

In this article

  • Persons recently began to play or try to play DQW
  • Persons not know how to advance DQW
  • Persons want to good at playing DQW as soon as possible

etc…for beginners and foreign Dragon Quest lovers writer would like to solve simple question and worries about DQW and suggest how to advance based on the experience and idea of mine.

At first, introduce set up writer recommends before you start to play DQW.


Should update while you stay home

It has no relations directly schema of game,but It is important!!

Of course you know, Application such as DQW is updated when add new event and function.

(For example,you can see Ver.〇.〇.〇 in main title picture of DQW)

In brief DQW needs to be updated each that time.When writer was beginner, did not think that point.

played DQW on my way to home in evening without update in morning.

SHOCK!Too long update time!!In this time, could not play DQW until writer came back to home…

So recommend you carry out update newest version while you stay home.If you are busy and can not play DQW morning time,you should complete that.you will not miss like writer.write how to update below.

  1. Tap the button “Data Management”of title picture
  2. Tap the button “Resource All Download”

1.Tap the button “Data Management”of title picture

Tap the button “Data Management” surrounded by red frame.

2.Tap the button “Resource All Down load”

And Tap the button “Resource All Download” surrounded by red frame of window appeared.

If completed to carry out download, button is dark and can not be tapped.(※Because has no schema of update)

“Resource All Download”・・・Be carried out large capacity download!

If your smart phone has limited capacity,may reach to the upper limit, so recommend you update by Wi-Fi of your home!


Should turn on Buttery Saver

Maybe you can image the function “Buttery Saver”.

This function is saving electric power when you do not play DQW in spite of running the application.However you can not understand this explanation.Application keep running but you do not play?whaaaaat??

In fact, DQW has the function “Walk Mode”.plan to explain detail from next time,”Walk Mode” is function AI instead of you play.

Whenever you can not operate smart phone because you are busy such as work,study and house work.At that time, AI instead of you battle.you only keep running and select “Walk Mode”.It is useful!

However,of cource your smart phone waste buttery if you do not look your smart phone screen and smart phone keep shining.

It is turn “Buttery Saver”! This function cut unneeded electric power if you set up “Buttery Saver”.In brief you can play DQW longer.Write how to set up below so let’s try setup.

  1. Tap the button “Menu”
  2. Tap the button “Other,Setup”
  3. Tap the button “Setup”
  4. Tap the button “System”
  5. Tap ON of “Buttery Saver” function

1.Tap the button “Menu”

Tap the button “Menu” surrounded by red circle in main play screen.

2.Tap the button “Other,Setup”

Tap the button “Other,Setup” surrounded by red frame.

3.Tap the button “Setup”

Tap the button “Setup” surrounded by red frame. By the way you can change sound volume, vibration and location of home. Let’s change your favor.

4.Tap the button “System”

Tap the button “System” surrounded by red frame.

5.Tap ON of “Buttery Saver” function

Tap ON of “Buttery Saver” function second from top.

It is completed! This setup screen is used next scene so remember it.


Should turn on Whenever Steps Count

Last time introduced “Buttery Saver” ,and This time There is  “Whenever Steps Count” under “Buttery Saver”. By the way “Distance and location is counted without running application” about the detail of function is written by small characters.

Please tap ON this function if you are not interseted in distance you walk and do not need to measure because you have other steps count application. Because DQW has the merit only the amount you walked just the name of Dragon Quest “Walk”.Explain the detail from next time and write below briefly.

  • Collect DQW Mileage
  • Collect Going out Bonus

Please remember DQW has the merit DQW mileage and Going out Bonus you can get. Everyone can not look their smart phone screen daytime. In addition, most of persons can not play DQW and start it.

Thus “Whenever Steps Count” is tapped ON. Your steps is counted even if DQW does not keep running = Collect DQW Mileage and Going out Bonus.Good things!

Catch the advantage information

RPG such as Dragon Quest is the type working hard. It is different from battle game. Because you can advance your pace and you have the strategy like you get equipment you want and change the job such as worrier and magician and so on.

Writer also like to have my strategy against hard boss and raise my favorite character without the hard operation skills.

Thus It is important you prepare. For example,  what monsters appear the quest you challenge?,what is the weakness of the monster?,what job is suitable? and what equipment is suitable? and so on.

You should much advantage information for clear the quest. so introduce setup writer recommend for getting the information.

At first, setup within the application. There is “Receive the notice” in the same setup window like “Buttery Saver”. You can get the advantage information such as the event held currently and log-in bonus if you tap ON this function.

In addition, you can get the advantage information about new event, function, job and enemies and so on by Twitter and YouTube.

You will make strategy. For example, you want new event lottery for getting equipment so endure current lottery! and you want to change the new job so you play until needed level…

Recommend you enjoy making strategy your original for making your aiming party and characters!

Persons control information control DQW!!…:^)


Introduce setup writer recomend before beginner play DQW.

  1. Should update while you stay home
  2. Should turn on Buttery Saver
  3. Should turn on Whenever Steps Count
  4. Catch the advantage information

Would like to introduce useful function from next time when it is implemented!

And would like to explain just DQW from next time.Here we go DQW world!Enjoy your HERO life!!

Please refer other DQW article and enjoy and discover other fun game title and article about it.