Dragon Quest Walk cheats|Recommended how to advance for beginners!Should Main Story Quest first!


Let’s challenge the main part of Dragon Quest Walk(Write below DQW)!

However,Writer thinks…Beginners do not know what you start.

Writer recommends you advance the Main Story Quest to some extent at first!

Thus introduces the reason you should advance the Main Story at first and the function released when you clear it.


Reason you should advance the Main Story at first

Just mentioned beginning of this article,You should advance the Main Story at first!

Because it was difficult to challenge and advance events if you do not increase the mates and make equipment strong by clear the Main Story Quest.

Just started,your equipment is weak and you have little it.Finally,only mate is slime”Suramichi“.(In addition,”Suramichi” does not join battles:-/)

It is impossible to challenge events…

However,Feel relieved!

If you advance Main Story,you can get the equipment and make the equipment strong because some functions are opened.Of course,other mates join.


Functions opened by clear Main Story

Writes below the table of Main Story Quest of beginning and opened functions.

Advance of Main Story Quest Opened function
Chapter 1 Episode 1 ・Lots
・Walk mode
Chapter 1 Episode 5 1st mate join
Chapter 1 Episode 10 Sub Quest
Chapter 2 Episode 1 2nd mate join
Chapter 2 Episode 5 3rd mate join

Just story is not opened.Please enjoy yourself.Sums up roughly in this table.Writes detail to next headline.

Chapter 1 Episode 1-Open basic functions

When you clear Chapter 1 Episode 1,Some basic functions are opened.

At first,Lots.You can draw lotteries here.Lots are

  • SP equipment lots
  • Event lots

divided this 2 types.Wrote the article of how to carry out Reset Marathon in DQW below so you can get information you should draw which lots.Refer this article too.

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Introduce how to do Reset Marathon recommend for play more efficient beginning of DQW adventure!Adventure is easier if you get good weapons!

2nd is Walk mode function. You can battle automatically if Walk mode can be set up.Wrote the article of the detail below so you can know how to set up Walk mode.It is attached too.

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Introduce advantage setup unexpectedly unknown! You can play stronger and comfortable!

3rd is Workshop.In Workshop you can make equipment strong and sell.And also Heart and Heart pearl(※In Japan called Shinju)can be made and upgrade.

Of course it is important to do level-up characters in DQW but it is more important to prepare equipment,Heart and heart pearl.So you will often use this command.Please remember it.

4th is Mileage.Speaking of Mileage you can image the mileage of air plane.Mileage is saved gradually while you play DQW as well as air plane.Mileage can be exchange some items.Would like to explain the detail from next time.

5th is Exchange.In exchange,Mileage at that time and Gold(Money in DQW)can be exchange some items.You will often use this command.Please remember it.

Chapter 1 Episode 5-1st mate join

1st mate join after clear Chapter 1 Episode 1 of Main Story.At first,1st mate joins as girl Priest.

Priest learn healing spell skill”Hoimi”.You can not recover except the item”Medicinal Plant”until join Priest.So battle is easier by healing spell of 1st mate.

Chapter 1 Episode 10-Sub Quest is opened

Sub Quest is opened after clear Chapter 1 Episode 10 of Main Story.There are…

  • Get Gold(1 time per 1 day)
  • Get Equipment Strengthening Stone(1 time per 1 day)
  • Get Fragment of Guidance(1 time per 1 day)
  • Experience pearl of basic occupation(1 time per 1 day)
  • Testing Quest

five quest.These are very important quest so you should open those and challenge earlier.Because you can get some items and experience value by clear those.Would like to write from next time in other article.

Chapter 2 Episode 1-2nd mate join

2nd mate join after Chapter 2 Episode 1 of Main Story.At first,2nd mate joins as man Warrior.

Warrior has high attack value and speed.Warrior learn overall attack skill”Roundhouse kick“,so chance first strike to defeat the enemy! is increasing.

Chapter 2 Episode 5-3rd mate join

3rd mate join after Chapter 2 Episode 5 of Main Story.At first,3rd mate joins as woman Wizard.

Wizard has the spells such as attack and state change.By attack spell like”Mera”and strengthening spell like”Baishion“,Hard situation is changed like boss battle.

You can change configuration of every mate.It is OK you make your favorite party by changing hair style,skin color and gender.


Beginners should advance Main Story Quest at first!You can get mates and open some useful functions.

Beginning of Main Story Quest is not difficult very much so you should advance till Chapter 2 Episode 5 of that and make the party of 4 members as soon as possible.

Would like to introduce cheats Main Story Quest and detail of some functions written in this time from next time.

Without a break refer DQW and other game cheats article!Bye!