Dragon Quest Walk cheats|Newest efficient how to do Reset Marathon!Verify Reset Marathon time!


In smart phone game application,often carry out Reset Marathon of lottery so that  game is advanced better and stronger.Dragon Quest Walk(Write below DQW)is same too.Adventure is much easier if you get good items in Reset Marathon of lottery!

Thus would like to talk about Reset Marathon of lottery of DQW in this time.introduce procedure of Reset Marathon,newest how to do without moving and verify Reset Marathon such as time and moving distance in newest one!


Equipment help your adventure easier!

Everyone easily play RPG like Dragon Quest because it is not necessary to hard operate.All you need to choose command such as battle,spell,use items and run away.

Thus equipment is just important!If you complete preparation of equipment,you can advance the game easily at first and characters do not die in most of scenes even if you choose AI play the game without you.

Write below things grow up characters in DQW field…

  • Equipment
  • Heart
  • Heart pearl(※In Japan called Shinju)

These things mainly grow up characters.Heart and Heart pearl are gotten gradually as you play DQW. so would like to explain from next time…

In this time,focus on equipment.Of course equipment also be collected gradually by lottery if you advance DQW and save lottery items.This is original character of smart phone application.

However lottery of beginning is…

Yes,Reset Marathon can be carried out!!

Some players may know reset marathon.Reset Marathon is repeating tutorial until you get good items at first!Till you get good items,repeating repeating repeating…so some players do not need to do that.By the way writer feel bothersome:^)

However recommend you get good items by Reset Marathon as much as possible!Because it is most important you get good equipment.In particular,strong weapon.

Let’s Reset Marathon with writer!


How to do and procedure of Reset Marathon

Write below procedure of Reset Marathon.

  1. Clear Chapter1 Episode1 of main story quest
  2. Draw items lots of tutorial
  3. Advance main story quest
  4. Receive present GEM
  5. Draw items lots

These are procedure of Reset Marathon.If you can not get good and precious items unfortunately,it is necessary to repeat from 1 of Reset Marathon procedure.

Write detail information gradually.Procedure 1 and 2 are confirmation flow.You absolutely get STEEL SWORD(☆3 weapon) in tutorial lottery.If you try to repeat Reset Marathon,procedure 1 and 2 are specific events you can not skip.

In addition,procedure 3 is advanced main story quest more.If you clear that,you can get GEM as mission complete reward.GEM is used for drawing lots is one of the items.There are some kinds of quest.In this phase,you can play

  • Main story (Next of procedure 1:From Chapter 1 Episode 1)
  • Event ※Depending on the event being held at that time

This is either.Writer recommends you advance main story.Because you can absolutely get GEM.

On the other hand,In event quest,it is difficult for beginners to clear that,how long do you play that?and how much do you get rewards?and so on…can not expect.It is depending on the event being held at that time.So do not consider event quest in this time.


Comfortable Reset Marathon without moving

As mentioned at that time,Writer feels bothersome about Reset Marathon.Because writer personally feels lucky if get good items and Reset Marathon was a little bit troublesome when it was released! But it was solved so you can choose that you carry out whether Reset Marathon or not.

What was solved?…You can put the destination points.

There are destination points such as ○○ town and ○○ cave in each quest.and how to choose destination points…

  • Choose one from some destination points candidacy
  • Use function “Wherever destination”

You can choose either.At first destination points are chosen around your current point at random.For example  near park,super market,convenience store and restaurant and so on.

“Wherever destination” can be chosen your favorite points.When you do not want to go out for raining and without private tasks, the function is useful.

You can freely choose destination points by “Wherever destination”,but it could not be chosen within radius a few hundred meters from the point of yours current.In brief,you had to move from current point even if you choose both methods.It took long time so writer did not want to do Reset Marathon.

However you can choose all points included in your current point,you can cut waste time you move to destination point.You easily carry out Reset Marathon.

Next heading writer verifies how it takes time,so refer the result for deciding whether do Reset Marathon.

Verify Reset Marathon

Let’s try Reset Marathon.

In this time,compare 300 GEM of single lottery 1 time with 3000 GEM of 10 consequence lotteries 10 times.At first,single and 10 consequence have same probabilities.

Single is decided for confirmation time you carry out Reset Marathon when you focused on speed.

On the other hand,10 consequence has the function “Tombola Stamp”.“Tombola Stamp” is stamped 1 time when you draw 10 consequence lots by GEM.and you can get some items and gold if you collect stamp,so 10 consequence has more advantage.

In particular,you can absolutely get ☆5 equipment in 6 and 10 time of 10 consequence lots by GEM!

Write below actual results of Reset Marathon.

Game progress Till Chapter 1 Episode 1 Till Chapter 1 Episode 5
Playing time About 15 minutes

About 45 minutes

Moving distance 0


Amount of GEM you get 300


If you focused on speed,it has no problem you play till main story Chapter 1 Episode 1.Writer got 300 GEM(Single lottery 1 time) thanks to story complete reward and mission complete reward like defeating 10 monsters.You do not need to move.
On the other hand,It was necessary for writer to advance till main story Chapter 1 Episode 5 for saving 3000 GEM(10 consequence lotteries 1 time).and you also do not need to move because set up all destinations near the point of mine.It took a little bit long time but got much GEM.
Other special mission may be occured depending on time you begin to play DQW.You may be able to get GEM and Tombola Support Tickets(Another item for drawing lots) as the mission complete reward.


It is important you get good equipment in particular weapons while you start DQW.Writer verify the procedure and playing time of Reset Marathon in first lottery.

Reset Marathon taken a little bit long time at least about 15 minutes because DQW is location game.

You decide to whether carry out Reset Marathon or not depending on how to do that writer suggest and time you need to play.

Next time would like to sum up good weapons(In particular ☆5) as the schema has the relation against this topic.Some ☆5 weapons is hard to use.Please refer next topic in Reset Marathon too.

Without a break refer DQW and other game cheats article!Bye!