Dragon Quest Walk cheats| Hit if you can get by lottery Reset Marathon!Summary of good weapons for beginners!


Adventure will be so easy if you can get good items in smart phone application like Dragon Quest Walk(Write below DQW).

In this time,sums up the best level ☆5 weapons main items for beginners and introduces them.Please refer about lottery Reset Marathon too.


Kinds of lotteries

At first,introduces actual lotteries of DQW. Kinds of lotteries can be roughly divided into the following 2.

  • SP equipment lots
  • Event lots

SP equipment lots always can be drawn because they are not set up terms you can do.SP equipment lots do not have pick-up items so they are basic lots for beginners.

On the other hand,most of the event lots are set up terms you can draw during the event.they have pick-up items for the event.The pick-up items have the features such as damage up and resistance against boss of events.They are lots for battle easily events.

Both lots have each good point…but Which lots should you draw for beginners?Answer the question next headline.


Emphasize efficiency of lots・・・SP equipment lots

Against the question of end of last headline…

Writer recommends divide lots by the situations.If you carry out Reset Marathon,SP equipment lots are better!

This is why…?Writers infer the feelings of beginners against lots in case you carry out Reset Marathon.

Want ☆5 weapons used battle soon…

Want to advance DQW after finish Reset Marathon as soon as possible…

How about that?In brief,maybe you want to draw ☆5 weapons and challenge lots with better probabilities to finish that rather than want to get event equipment?so focused on probabilities of 2 lots.

At first,you can draw 8 kinds of ☆5 weapons(introduce each one following headline) in SP equipment lots.Hit probabilities have each 0.35%.In brief,Hit probabilities of ☆5 weapons are set up 2.8%(=0.35×8) of all.

On the other hand,you can draw 9 kinds of ☆5 weapons(included in 1 event weapons and 8 kinds of ☆5 weapons from SP equipment lots).Hit probability is usually set up 0.5% against event weapon.And Hit probabilities are set up each 0.225% against ☆5 weapons of SP equipment lots. So hit probabilities of ☆5 weapons are set up 2.3%(=0.5×1+0.225×8) of all.

Maybe you know…Event lots have the 0.5% lower probabilities than SP equipment lots.

Compare 2 kinds of lots whether ☆5 weapons can be drawn or not if you try lots what time.calculation is a little bit complicated so it is omitted.

At first,SP equipment lots have to be drawn about 36 times in single lottery and about 4 times(About 24.7%)in 10 consequence lots.

Finally,Event lots have to be drawn about 44 times in single lottery and about 5 times(About 20.8%)in consequence lots.

There are differences in the number of lots. Let’s aim SP equipment lots if you focus on the efficiency of lots like Reset Marathon!


Emphasize strength and rarity of weapons・・・Event lots

Writer recommends event lots except when you carry out Reset Marathon!

Because most of the events weapons are better and stronger than SP weapons.According to just last headline,it is difficult to hit ☆5 weapons but event ☆5 weapons are very precious.To be held the event again is uncertain so it is good to get them.

Let’s aim event lots if you focus on strength and rarity of weapons!

Sum up recommended ☆5 weapons

Sum up ☆5 weapons you can get from lots based on writer’s idea.

Introduce 8 kinds of☆5 weapons from SP equipment lots except event weapons.Please refer table of those in the case of Reset Marathon!

Evaluation Types Occupation Remarks
Gothic parasol Cane Wizard
Magic Warrior
Strong overall attack
Crystal claw Claw Warrior
Battle Master
Strong single attack
Not suitable for laps
Great axe Axe Soldier
Battle Master
Strong overall attack
Blow of conscience for metal 
Light tact  Cane Wizard
Magic Warrior
Good overall healing
With resuscitation skill
Thunder god spear Spear Warrior
Battle Master
Strong Dane attribute attack
Not suitable for laps
Yasha cudgel × Cudgel Soldier
Strong single attack
Not suitable occupation
Killer earring  × Dagger Wizard
Magic Warrior
Good abnormal condition attack 
Small power
Zantetsumaru × Sword Soldier
Battle Master
Magic Warrior
Not special skills

Summarized them as above.

You can be considered hit if evaluation of the weapons you get is 〇 or ◎ in case you carry out Reset Marathon.Conversely it may be okay to carry out Reset Marathon again because ☆5 weapons of evaluation △ or × are unuseful and inferior specification than those of evaluation 〇or ◎.

Explains each weapon of table.

Gothic parasol

Gothic parasol has the very strong overall attack skill “Mahad“,so it is useful when you use in boss battle and lap for level up.Wizard and Priest of basic occupation and Philosopher and Magic Warrior of senior occupation are good at battling.It is main weapons long time!

Crystal claw

Crystal claw has the strongest single attack skillGod smash” in the weapons of SP equipment lots.Mainly it is useful when you battle boss.Warrior and Bandit of basic occupation and Battle Master and Ranger of senior occupation are good at battling.It has the high versatility.

Great axe

Great axe has the strong overall attack skill “Ono-musou“.it is useful when you use in lap for level up.And it has the attack skill”Majingiri” as blow of conscience so you can use it for metal monster.However,it is not enough to battle boss.It is bad match occupations are the only Soldier and Battle Master.

Light tact

Light tact has the good overall healing skill “Healing wind“.And It is useful to learn resuscitation skill “Zaoraru“.However,it is more important attack skill than heal skill for beginners in the beginning so evaluation is △.

Thunder god spear

Thunder god spear has the strong Dane attribute attack skill “Lightning saddle drizzle“.However,it is not suitable in lap for level up.In addition,only Warrior and Battle Master are good at battling so evaluation is △. 

Yasha cudgel

Yasha cudgel has the strong Hyad attribute attack skill “Freezing rangeki“.However,Only Philosopher is good at battling when you change the senior occupations.Philosopher has the talent of spell but weak actual cudgel is not main weapons long time.

Killer earring

Killer earring has the strong abnormal condition attack like deadly poison and confusion. However,it has small power and it is hard to be used in boss battle and lap for level up.


Zantetsumaru has the attack skill “Sword dance” of slashing at random.It has no originality and normal power.


Lotteries of equipment are divided SP equipment lots and Event lots.

You should aim SP equipment lots if you focus on the efficiency of lots like Reset Marathon.And you should aim event lots if you focus on strength and rarity of weapons.

Summarized evaluation of ☆5 weapons you can get basic them from SP equipment lotteries.As a result,they are important they have strong power against boss battle or lap for level up and versatilities some occupations after job change.

Writer wish readers of this article get strong weapon:^)

Let’s battle after you get weapons!introduces useful specifications while you battle and of course basic operations.

Thank you for your continued support for DQW and other game cheats articles!